Pain management doctors do everything in their power to ensure that the people they are treating really require these types of pain medications for their conditions. In order to be a patient at a pain management clinic, the doctor reviews all of the patients medical records, MRI scans, types of surgeries each patient has had and requires additional medical testing (i.e. MRIs, CT scans, nerve conduction testing, etc.). Each patient must sign a pain management contract and is subject to monthly drug testing to ensure the patients are taking their medications the way they are being prescribed.  In addition, pain management clinics call in their patients for random pill counts and random drug testing. All of this is in place to stop people from miss-using or selling their pain medications. If a person fails a drug test or a pill count, or receives pain medication from another doctor, they are kicked out by their pain management doctor or clinic.  Each pain management doctor and clinic has very strict rules that each patient must follow in order to continue treatment with their pain management doctors.  Despite all the rules that are in place by the pain management doctors, some people who abuse or sell pain medications slip through the cracks. But eventually, they are caught by the random drug testing and pill counts in place by the pain management doctors and dismissed from their care.        

This new policy has to be stopped and put our medical treatment back in the hands of our doctors where it belongs. Our doctors  have gone to school for many years to learn about their individual specialties and how to treat their patients. Our medical treatment should not be dictated based on a rule book or a set of guidelines that an individual may or may not fit into but should be left in the hands of qualified pain management doctors. This new policy is causing a lot of unnecessary suffering and in some cases death. It is forcing some chronic pain sufferers to seek medications on the streets and some people have been so desperate they have turned to heroin for relief. Society is all wondering why heroin overdoses and deaths have increased dramatically at least 5 fold over the last year.This is one of the major reasons why because when you are in chronic pain day after day and cannot get the relief you need from the pain because of the new policy restrictions, people are turning to heroin that have never used it before or considered using it until their pain medications were reduced to a level where they could no longer tolerate their chronic pain or taken away altogether.  These are people who have no experience with these types of street drugs and do not know how to administer heroin without overdosing. Yes, there is a drug problem in this country. But why is our government taking it out on the people who have legitimate medical conditions and need these pain medications to live a normal and productive life?  The government needs to go after the street dealers, bad doctors, and pharmacies that are breaking the law andnot trying to control the legitimate pain management doctors ability to treat their chronic pain patients needs so they can live a normal life with their chronic pain controlled.They need to catch the people breaking the law and selling their medications who are conning to the doctors or breaking into pharmacies. They need to quit making honest, law abiding citizens who take their medications as prescribed suffer because of a few bad people.

No government entity should be allowed to tell our doctors how to treat their patients or what or how much medicine they can prescribe to their patients.  The doctor has to be the one to determine the medicines and dosages that each patient is given to treat their medical problems. Not our government.Our doctors have studied medicine for years and received legitimate medical degrees in pain management in order to practice medicine and it should be left in their hands not our government with arbitrary rules and guidelines.

My wife has suffered from chronic pain for more than 25 years and now they have cut her pain medications in half. I now have to watch my wife suffer on a daily basis. She was able to work and enjoy her life but now that they have reduced her pain medication in half, she suffers needlessly on a daily basis. There is no quality of life anymore for her and the impact it has on our family because she suffers daily.       

How would you feel if your wife, husband, grandparents, or children were made to suffer needlessly?  What would happen if the government started restricting insulin for diabetics, heart medications for those with heart problems or cancer treatment? It is coming to that because of the expense of good quality medical treatment and rising insurance costs. We have seen people that were refused treatment for their medical conditions due to not having insurance or being rejected for insurance because of pre-existing conditions. How would you feel if this happened to one of your family members and they were left to suffer or die? 

All of  us need to take a stand and contact our congressman, house of representatives, governor, and anyone else that is part of the legislative branches to put a stop to these gross violations of our rights and our rights to seek proper medical treatment. If we don't start standing up for our rights now, our government will continue to increase their control over our lives and our medical treatment. Please contact your government representatives and tell them that you will no longer support or vote for them unless they take a stand on putting our medical treatment back in the hands of our doctors where it belongs. Also stress the impact this new regulation on pain management is having on you and your loved ones!! If we don't all stand together and fight for our rights for good medical care and pain management, they will continue to cut our medications until we can no longer have the quality of life we deserve and have our pain managed by a qualified pain management doctor or specialist!!

​​This letter addresses last years changes to pain sufferers. (December 2015)


Now our government has overstepped their bounds. As chronic pain sufferers have already found out, our state and federal government, along with the Center for Disease Control  (CDC) and the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) have been going into our doctor's offices and pharmacies. They have started dictating how much and how many pain pills the doctor's are now allowed to prescribe regardless of each person's medical condition or tolerance.The government has given specific guidelines to follow concerning the dispensing of all pain medications. 

If you are a non-surgical chronic pain patient, then the doctors are allowed to prescribe between 100 mg to 200 mg a day of pain medication. If you have had surgery and have chronic pain, then the doctors are allowed to prescribe between 200 mg and 300 mg a day. For terminal patients (i.e. cancer etc.) the doctor's are allowed to prescribe up to 400 mg a day of pain medication. If the pain management doctor's do not comply with the new rules, then the government and DEA are pulling their state medical license to treat and prescribe any and all pain medications to treat chronic pain patients. They are basically holding the doctor's medical license hostage and blackmailing the doctor's to comply with their rules regardless of the individuals medical condition.

Most pain management doctors and clinics totally disagree with these practices and policies but their hands are tied and their opinions silenced by the government and DEA. They are going into the pain management doctors offices and going through their patients medical records which is a gross violation of our HIPA rights and our rights to privacy.  Each patient deserves to be treated fairly and treated by the doctor based on their individual medical conditions and not by some arbitrary standard of the amount of pain medication each patient requires to live a normal life to reduce their chronic pain.  They are intimidating the pain management doctors by threatening to pull their medical license if they do not comply regardless of the individual patients conditions or suffering.

 In addition, they are going into the pharmacies and going through the pharmacies records to limit the amount of pain medication each pharmacy can dispense per month which forces chronic pain patients to go to the same pharmacy every month. If you should try to go on vacation or take a trip, you have to plan it around getting your medications filled at your appointed pharmacy because no one can go to another pharmacy where you are traveling to get your pain medication filled because of the limits that have been imposed on the pharmacies. The pharmacies will only fill their regular customers prescriptions because of these limits imposed on each pharmacy.

This is more attempts by our government to control our movements and actions.

As all of us know or should know by now, is that every single one of us is different. Our bodies react to all medications differently and we all have different tolerances to medications. Medicine that works for some people doesn't work at all for others. Some people can take very little and others have to take a lot more because of their body has built up a tolerance to the medicine or how the medications work with their metabolism. To the average person that does not suffer from chronic pain, these amounts being prescribed sound like a lot per day but in reality they are not a lot to control chronic pain 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a person to try to live a normal life.It should be left up to the pain management doctors to treat their patients the way they see fit and prescribe what is required for each individual to be able to have some kind of quality of life and contribute to society.  Each person is different and each pain medication works differently for each individual. If a person has been a chronic pain sufferer for many years, your body builds up a tolerance to the pain medication and in order to reduce the chronic pain, additional pain medication is required. They have real chronic pain daily and need to be treated by pain management doctors that specialize in their types of medical conditions.Pain medications act differently for chronic pain sufferers.  Because the body uses the pain medications to reduce the amount of pain the person is in, they do not get high off the pain medications. Chronic pain sufferers can still drive cars and work without impairment of getting high off the pain medications. Society has branded chronic pain sufferers and treat them as if they are drug addicts instead of treating them as having true medical conditions.